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Citgo Foodmart
5005 Snapfinger Woods Dr, Decatur, GA 30035
Drivers can fill up both their gas tank and their stomachs at Citgo. The Citgo on Snapfinger Woods Drive has 10 pumps,More which means you can get in and back on the road in no time. Feel free to walk in and grab a drink while you are there too. There are plenty of sodas, sports drinks and of course water to hydrate you during the trip. Citgo customers may even want to get some extra cash out of the ATM. Should the food pile up too high from previous trips feel free to empty out the car and clean it up using one of the Citgo vacuums.
Thomas Bakery
4051 Covington Hwy, Decatur, GA 30032
Unlike most businesses located in strip malls or in one building office parks along this stretch of Covington Hwy,More Thomas Bakery sits alone in a squat stucco house with white columns at the two front corners. Inside, the bakery sports a scrubbed clean smell and is bare bones. The operation here seems at first to be strictly Jamaican, but it is actually a blend of different Virgin Island pastries. Butter bread is especially popular, and alongside apple and cherry turnovers are guava and coconut turnovers. A popular Virgin Island drink - Peanut Punch - is also made fresh on the premises.