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Att DUI & Defensive Driving
4336 Covington Hwy, Decatur, GA 30035
The office park housing this driving school resembles a converted motel squeezed between two other office parks. TheMore location is not a problem for business, explains one of the school's staff members, because many clients including popular sports stars who live in tonier parts of Atlanta and receive DUIs do not want to take classes where they may be spotted by friends or neighbors.  They come to this nondescript building and do their driving penance in relative anonymity. Two classes are offered here, defensive driving and DUI classes. The DUI classes are for those required to attend by the courts.  Some defensive-driving students are also required to attend by the courts, but most come in on their own in order to reduce insurance rates. Regardless, each class requires completion of a 130-question intake and a payment of $300, the same exact fee charged at all other DUI school in the State of Georgia.