Summer Stories For Kids

Storytellers will entertain kids in June and July at the historic Biffle Cabin.

Starting June 6, is offering a series of storytelling sessions for kids 6 to 12 at the historic Biffle Cabin at 720 W. Trinity Place, behind the Swanton House.

Admission is $4 per child for members or $6 per child for non-members. You'll get a 10 percent discount on a summer season pass if purchased in advance. Classes are 10-11 a.m. most Wednesdays.

For information, call Leslie at 404-373-1088 (extension 20) or e-mail borger@dekalbhistory.org.

Here's the schedule, as described by the History Center.

June 6: B. J. Abraham - Bear Stories: History of the First Teddy Bear  

Interesting facts about teddy bears, how they are made and where; plus other bear stories, including "Polar, The Titanic Bear" and "The Bear Who Heard Crying."

June 13: Fran Frantz - Weave a Tale 

Fran will lead children in weaving with a simple loom while regaling them with local history stories.

June 20: Cathy Kaemmerlen - The Buzz on Honeybees  

Cathy introduces Itty Bitty Betty; she's a honey of a bee who tells swarming stories and collects gossip about our state insect.

June 27: Fran Frantz - Homemade Ice Cream with Brer Rabbit  

Children will make yummy ice cream and while learning the science that makes it possible. Afterwards, while enjoying their hard work, Fran will entertain them with Brer Rabbit stories.

July 11: Deborah Strahorn - Cowboys and Cowgirls across the Country  

Hear the stories of Cowboys from many cultures. Some were Americans from the east, and others were immigrants from European countries and more than one quarter of all cowboys were African American.  Participants will also create a 3D horse!

July 18: Reuben Haller - Fiddlin' Dan the Mountain Man    

Fiddlin' Dan the Mountain Man delights young audiences with stories and songs with North Georgia flair. His stories are populated with animals and kids getting in and out of predicaments, chores, and summer activities. Dan plays violin, mandolin, spoons and many other instruments. Kids sing along and play along with Fiddlin' Dan's songs, stories, and humor. For a celebratory grand finale, the whole audience forms a jug band!

July 25: LaDoris Davis - Fun with Folktales 

 LaDoris presents a very fun, interactive performance based on the folktales of Mrs. Whitman, who was a pioneer in advancing African American education in Georgia. Children will have the opportunity to develop their own folktale!


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