Learn About SPLOST Referendum

The Decatur school system has provided plenty of information about the SPLOST (special local option sales tax) referendum on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Voters in Decatur and Avondale Estates will be asked on the Nov 8 ballot whether they want to keep paying a penny-on-the-dollar tax for new capital projects in the schools.

Anybody wanting to know the basics should look on the Decatur schools website. The school system posted a list of frequently asked questions, a slide-show presentation and a copy of the SPLOST (special local option sales tax) resolution.

The resolution breaks down the project list for each school sysem.

According to the FAQs, the current SPLOST helped pay for the new gym and the at , among other projects.

The resolution says the new SPLOST would be used to pay for school repairs, especially at ; make equipment purchases; and to acquire, possibly through lease purchase, new , including parking.

The FAQs said, "Central Office employees have been working out of the Westchester building. If enrollment continues to rise, the building may again be needed to house students. The administration has looked at the possibility of renting space within the city. The approximate annual rental cost of $250,000 must come from general funds, not SPLOST funds."

The upcoming SPLOST referendum will be decided by the registered voters across DeKalb County and will affect the Decatur, DeKalb County and City of Atlanta school sysems, since all have schools within the county borders.

If Decatur voters approve the SPLOST, but it's voted down countywide, none of the school systems get any SPLOST money.

The SPLOST would start July 1, 2012, and last five years. Decatur school officials estimate a maximum of $18 million could be raised over that time period.

Avondale students who attend public schools go to the DeKalb County system, which expects to raise a maximum of $607,384,422 with the new SPLOST over five years.

Among projects listed in the resolution are "Modifications, upgrades, and additions to Avondale Middle School for an Arts School."




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