Dine Out Jan. 31 To Help the Decatur Farm To School Program

Part of the restaurants' proceeds will go to the program.

Decatur's Farm to School Program (DF2S) has been getting some good press lately.

Atlanta magazine just ran an article (writtten by Decatur resident Deborah Geering) about farm to school programs in the region and mentioned the success in Decatur, saying

In fact, the Decatur school district has been one of the metro area’s most proactive systems. At College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center, parent volunteers noticed the enriched Super Donuts served in the preschool’s cafeteria. Katherine Falen, whose son is now in the second grade, says, “It’s a very nutritious doughnut, but our concern was that our children were eating a doughnut for breakfast and were getting the wrong message. When they got out into the real world, the doughnuts wouldn’t be supercharged.”

In 2009 the College Heights parents formed the Decatur Farm to School Initiative and, with help from Georgia Organics, explored strategies for bringing local food to their center. The school board was enthusiastic about their ideas and asked them to develop programs for all eight city schools.

Now the program is giving the public a chance to help.

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, the Decatur Farm to School Dine Out will be held. If you eat at a participating restaurant that night between 5 and 9 p.m., some of proceeds will go to DF2S.

Participating restaurants include the , , , , , , , , , , Sapori di Napoli, and .

For more information, go to the DF2S website.


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