Decatur School Calendar: Important Dates

The first day of school is Wednesday, Aug. 1. Here are other important dates.

Here's the City Schools of Decatur calendar for the 2012-12 school year. Calendars for individual schools as well as calendars for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years can be found on the school system website.

July 23-24. New teacher orientation.

July 25. Opening day ceremony for staff at Decatur High Performing Arts Center.

July 25-31. Pre-planning days for teachers.

July 30. Ninth grade orientation.

July 31. Most schools have meet-and-greets.

Aug. 1. First day of class for students.

Sept. 3. Labor Day. Student holiday.

Sept. 7. First marking period ends

Sept. 10-14. Fall break. Student holiday.

Oct. 26. Second marking period ends.

Nov. 6. Professional learning day. Student holiday.

Nov. 19-23. Thanksgiving break. Student holiday.

Dec. 20. Third marking period ends.

Dec. 21-31. Holiday break. Student holiday.

Jan. 1. New Year's Day. Student Holiday.

Jan. 2. Professional learning day. Student holiday.

Jan. 21. MLK Day. Student holiday.

Feb. 8. Fourth making period ends.

Feb. 11-15. Winter break. Student holiday.

March 11. Professional learning day. Student holiday.

March 29. Fifth marking period ends.

April 8-12. Spring break. Student holiday.

May 24. Graduation. Last day of classes. Sixth marking period ends.

May 27. Memorial Day. Teacher holiday.

May 28-29. Post-planning days for teachers.

The school system says, "If one day is missed for inclement weather, it may be made up on March 11. If two days are missed for inclement weather, February 11-12 may be the make up day, and March 11 will remain a student holiday. Any day scheduled for student or teacher holiday may be considered for a make up day due to inclement weather or other unpredictable emergencies. All decisions on calendars are made at the discretion of the superintendent."


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