Decatur High's Average SAT Score Up 52 Points

The Decatur High score is above the state and national average.

The City Schools of Decatur just received good news about SAT scores.

The average composite score for Decatur High seniors rose 52 points, going from 1518 to 1570.

The school system says the average composite -- a combination of mathematics, critical reading and writing scores -- for the state rose from 1445 to 1452. The national average composite dropped from 1500 to 1498.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the Gwinnett School of Mathematics Science and Technology posted the state's highest mean SAT score at 1941.

The City Schools of Decatur provided this assessment of the test results.

The Critical Reading section offers the highest scores of each of the three subtests. The 539 average (800 is a perfect score on this sub-test) is 51 points above the state and 43 points above the nation.

Increasing achievement and improving instruction in mathematics continues to be a priority in Decatur. Students' math scores increased from 503 to 514 keeping pace with the nation and exceeding the state average.

Participation rates vary widely in Georgia high schools. Some schools have less than 40% of their students take the SAT. Decatur High boasted a 93% participation rate in 2012.

The composite score gap between Decatur black and white students closed by 22 points comparing 2011 to 2012. Black students made gains in critical reading and writing. Critical reading scores for black students increased from 441 to 446, and writing scores increased from 422 to 426.

Decatur's black students outperformed other black students in critical reading and writing at the state and national levels. Closing the achievement gap and encouraging all students to take rigorous coursework continues to be a strong focus for City Schools of Decatur.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution provided this list of top-scoring schools in the state.

Top performers 2012 mean SAT scores

1. Gwinnett School of Mathematics Science and Technology: 1941.

2. Northview High School: 1769.

3. Walton High School: 1743.

4. Johns Creek High School: 1729.

5. John S Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School in Richmond County. 1721.

6. Columbus High School. 1704.

7. Milton High School. 1681.

8. Roswell High School. 1677.

9. Chattahoochee High School. 1674.

10. Alpharetta High School. 1660.

(Highest possible composite score: 2400)

Source: The College Board

Ralph Ellis September 26, 2012 at 01:27 AM
Congrats, Decatur High students and teachers.


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