Decatur Cook's Warehouse Hosts Farm-To-School 'Cooking Workshop'

DeKalb County school system employees attended the class.

, a local chain of gourmet cookware stores, helped the cafeteria program get started in the City Schools of Decatur.

Now the business is helping the DeKalb County School System do the same.

The Cook's Warehouse store on West Ponce de Leon Avenue in Decatur recently hosted a “cooking workshop” for cafeteria staff in the DeKalb system.

Cook's Warehouse reported that 28 DeKalb County managers from 25 different schools attended.

Mary S. Moore, the Cook's Warehouse founder and CEO, and Chefs Megan McCarthy and Asata Reid taught the first class about pre-cooking skills.

The store provided a buffet breakfast and the school system employees prepared their own lunch.

Cook's Warehouse says future classes may include finding local and organic farms as sources, seasoning food, quick low-fat/healthy recipes that adapt well to large numbers and managing fresh food with minimal waste.


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