More Development Along North Decatur Road?

A developer is looking to buy Scott Boulevard Baptist Church and residential homes behind it for a new commercial site.

Could we see new development next to a newly renovated Suburban Plaza?

It's possible if a developer gets its way.

Atlanta Land Group is interested in coaxing residents along Barton Way and Blackmon Drive to sell their land to make way for new commercial development, according to a letter acquired by the Medlock Area Neighborhood Association.

The developers met with residents from those streets at Scott Boulevard Baptist Church, which will be part of the proposed sale, according to the association's second post about the development meeting.

From MANA's post on the development:

Most of the questions revolved around how likely this was to actually happen.  There was definitely a mix of reactions from “This is about my home, not just money” to “It is all about money.”  I did not notice any real negativity towards the idea of this deal happening, only concern that homeowners can remain whole and skepticism that this will be successful.  A few homeowners at the meeting have been through this before, and expressed concern over the inevitable conflicts such a deal, successful or not, brings to the neighborhood.

Read the full post for more details, and expect forthcoming coverage from Patch.

What do you think about development in this area? Should the residents sell? Tell us in the comments section below.


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