The Beer Growler Seeking Space in Avondale

Growler retailer would like to open shop in Avondale Estates but first needs new ordinance.

The owners of The Beer Growler in Athens are checking out locations around Avondale Estates for a possible home for a second brew store.

Paul Saunders, one of the three owners in The Beer Growler, said the retail specialty beer "filling station," is checking out spaces in hopes they might locate in the city. Saunders and partners Sean Galvin and Dennis Young, opened The Beer Growler in Athens in December. 

"We're working with Avondale right now but they have to make some legislation changes," Saunders said. "Avondale Estates is a great neighborhood. The city has welcomed us. But we are having a really difficult time finding space."

Growlers are old fashioned glass jugs with 64 ounces and the idea is that consumers can come in, or drive through, to fill -- or refill -- them with their favorite craft beer from between 20 to 30 taps. How it works is that retailers of growlers purchase kegs of craft beer from distributors.

The Beer Growler has a menu of options, including Big Hoppy Monster, Terrapin, and , produced by local .

Until recently, growlers weren't legal in Georgia. But Saunders and his partners helped to change all that.

'We are the ones responsible for getting the law reinterpreted in the state," Saunders said.

Since the law changed, several other growler retailers have hopped on board. Athens 5 Points Bottle Shop opened, and in Atlanta, Hop City began pouring on April 14. , a craft beer store in Decatur, is said to be next. 

In Avondale Estates, commissioners have begun the process to amend the city's alcohol ordinance for the sale of growlers.

Beer connoiseur Maggie Cubbler, who writes The Loaded Kitchen blog, said this about The Beer Growler in a recent post, "for $4 we bought the growler, which we could bring in and re-fill when our supply ran out. Now, depending on the beer, it costs anywhere from $8-$25 to fill it up."

She said that when The Beer Growler didn't have in stock her favorite beer, she got another recommendation.

"Fortunately, Denny (one of the partners) and Drew gave good recommendations and really knew their stuff," Cubbler said in the post. "We felt totally confident to commit to a whole growler’s-worth of beer we weren’t familiar with and went home with the Lost Abbey Red Barn Saison."

MudFire Clayworks & Gallery April 25, 2011 at 11:53 AM
Hurray! More exciting things in the neighborhood!
Bill Kelly April 25, 2011 at 01:57 PM
Yes!! Please AE let's get behind this idea and get these guys in our city. Totally in support of this as a resident of AE
Nat Johnson May 10, 2011 at 12:10 PM
Growlers have been Legal in GA for years. There is a place outside of Blairsville called the Border Hop that has been doing Growlers for 10 + years. I used to get them when I was in College at Young Harris. They just havent been advertising to the whole world. The Georgia law has always allowed for Growlers however the market was not there due to the limited availability of good craft beer. In either case the growth of Growlers is nice to see in the south east. I am a fan from the long gone days of many a growlers from the Border Hop.
Nat Johnson September 05, 2011 at 01:03 PM
I have noticed growler locations around the state that have opened are not really keen on sanitation and preventing the oxidation of the beers. The five points growler shops are really going the extra mile on the beers they are serving. They have taught me a thing or two about the importance of purging the bottle with co2 first and filling into cold bottles rested and sanitized to further ensure the beer stays the way it was in the keg. A real kudos to them for leading the industry.


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