Storm Drain Work in Decatur

Crews are now working in front of Decatur High, making South McDonough Street a two-lane road.

The City of Decatur is repairing storm drains, starting with the one in front of Decatur High School.

Currently the workers are taking up some of the roadway, meaning the four-lane McDonough Street is now a two-lane road.

Let's hope the repair work doesn't cause problems for visitors Tuesday-Thursday at the Region 6-AAA basketball tournament at the high school.

bulldogger February 13, 2013 at 07:02 PM
A little foresight would have been nice and probably would have saved tons of money if this had been done when the storm drains were replaced for the DHS Football Field five years ago but, I don't guess DeKalb County can think that far ahead.


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