New Parking Meters to Come to Downtown Decatur

Decatur's old parking meters will soon give way to more modern replacements. PHOTO CREDIT: Péralte Paul
Decatur's old parking meters will soon give way to more modern replacements. PHOTO CREDIT: Péralte Paul
The Decatur City Commission voted Monday to approve a plan to upgrade parking meters and make changes leaders hope will pay-to-park less of a hassle.

The project, for which the city has budgeted $315,000 — down from an initial projection of $500,000 — means the installation of meters that can take credit and debit cards, in addition to coins.

What's more, Standard Parking Corp. the Chicago company the city contracted to install the meters, said in the cases of multi-space meters, the purchased time goes with the license plate, not the space.

That means someone who purchased an hour of time at one of those meters, but only used 20 minutes, could "take" the other 40 minutes to another meter in town. (The company said that feature isn't standard on single-space meters; any unused time could be utilized by the next person to take the space.)

Users also can pay for additional time using their mobile phones or receive texts alerting them when their time is near expiring.

Decatur plans to embark on an education campaign go let residents, visitors and business owners know about the new meters.

The instillation, which is expected to last six weeks, is slated t begin in mid-February.
janh999 December 18, 2013 at 07:58 AM
Parking meters are a thing of the past and an inconvenience to people of this day in age. Most people will stay away from areas with meters unless they absolutely have to be there. They are a huge deterrent. Instead of spending a half million on upgrading parking meters maybe they should look into putting that money to good use.
Sycamore December 19, 2013 at 08:45 AM
Rare to see a vacant parking meter in downtown Decatur. The revenue helps maintain our very livable city.
janh999 December 21, 2013 at 08:34 AM
They're going to be spending the money made to pay for the meters & the maintenance of them for years before the city sees a dime.


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