More DeKalb Communities Considering Cityhood

A community leader says residents in Sagamore Hills and North Briarcliff have been inspired by the incorporation of Brookhaven.


Residents in the Sagamore Hills and North Briarcliff communities outside of Decatur are exploring cityhood options as new municipalities in northern DeKalb County place more fianancial pressure on residents in unincorporated areas, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Sunday.

The communities have been inspired by the recent vote to incorporate Brookhaven's residents. They've also noticed that Decatur is talking about annexing areas on the edge of the city limits.

From the story:

Nancy Love, a leader of the [Civic Association Network], an umbrella group trying to pull north-central DeKalb civic associations together, said the referendum in July to form Brookhaven, a city with 49,000 residents, has caused its neighbors to start buzzing about their options. She thinks a combination of areas south of I-85, bookended by Northlake Mall on the east and the proposed commercial development near North Druid Hills Road on the west, might make for a natural city. ...

"There's a substantial number of people who are serious at this point," said Love, who lives in the Sagamore Hills area. "But they don't feel they are ready to have their names in public discussion."

An AJC graphic also said the Druid Hills community is considering cityhood in addition to Sagamore Hills and North Briarcliff.

Love's organization, the Civic Association Network, represents neighborhood associations from communities including Medlock, Sagamore Hills, North Briarcliff, Dresden East, Lavista Park, Leafmore-Creek Park Hills and Laurel Ridge, totaling roughly 15,000 households.

The North Briarcliff Civic Association is the largest in the North Druid Hills-Briarcliff area, however, representing 3,000 households.

Jeff Rader, DeKalb County's commissioner for District 2, told the AJC there was only one way to quell cityhood talk – pass a county budget with no tax increase next year.

"If we can keep the millage rate stable, we'll look like we're doing our part," he said.

About a year ago, some people started speculating that Druid Hills should consider becoming a town. When Patch asked readers about it at the time, the opinion in Druid Hills was pretty mixed.

What do you think of the idea of forming more new cities in DeKalb County?

Ralph Ellis September 24, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Can DeKalb County survive the creation of new cities?
kensington palace September 24, 2012 at 05:53 PM
High property taxes are a result of the exorbitant millage set by the Dekalb School Board and not from the millage rates for public safety, public works, and parks and recreation as most taxpayers believe; look at your itemized tax bill. Rather than form cities to control General Fund spending, those who claim "it's for the children" need to dissect the actions by the Dekalb School Board and Superintendent Atkinson to wrestle the growing school millage rate that the governing folks have no interest in managing with good ethics. Refrain from re-electing Eugene Walker, Sarah Copelin-Wood, and Zepora Roberts and we should see much improvement in school budget spending. What really isn't fair is having to pay school taxes when you've never had any kids attending any schools!! I've paid your babysitting fees for over 25 years as a Dekalb homeowner because it's for your children. You're welcome :(
Local Boy September 24, 2012 at 06:39 PM
I would say start with the current cities - Decatur, Avondale, Lithonia, Stone Mountain, Clarkston, Chamblee, etc. - and see if they can extend their city limits. Then look at the zip codes - Tucker 30084, Druid Hills 30329 - these are already established communities, almost like cities. If more of central DeKalb wants to develop a plan, go for it. Hard part is finding the balance between residential and commercial tax districts.


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