Floyd: Let's Find A Transportation Solution

"My hope now is that we will work together as we search for a method to move forward."

Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd emailed this statement to Patch that was defeated in the Tuesday referendum. Floyd was a big supporter.

I am glad it is over and that there is no doubt what the voters wanted… or did not want.

It was in my opinion decisive. I spent most of my time last year arriving at the list of projects to vote on and if that list is why anyone voted no then I certainly share the responsibility for the no vote. If it is mistrust of elected officials, since I have been an elected official for 21 years, I certainly share that responsibility also.

This vote brought together people of different parties, different races and different cultures on both sides of the issue. I think good can and will come from that. My hope now is that we will work together as we search for a method to move forward.

I do not think that simply revising the list of projects and trying another vote would provide a different response from the voters. But our traffic problems did not go away with the vote. I promise to work together with Governor Deal, Mayor Reed, other elected officials and all who wish to participate in a positive way to move this region forward.

 Today, let’s dedicate ourselves to finding the solution that will inspire all of us stand together and say … YES!!!!  

Nick August 01, 2012 at 04:42 PM
I applaud and support your enthusiasm, Mayor Floyd. And I appeal to you to take a next "first" step toward an improved transportation plan by working with other elected officials to push/pass legislation that frees MARTA from the 50/50 albatross.
David D August 01, 2012 at 06:14 PM
And I applaud your willingness to take responsibility. It's time to try another approach to this - with different leaders.


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