Dedicate A Decatur Water Fountain

For as little as $3,200, you can honor a person or organization with a new water fountain in Decatur.

Last year, the City of Decatur conducted a survey to determine where new water fountains are needed.

As an offshoot of that study, the city came up with a way to obtain new fountains while allowing residents to honor people and organizations.

The Decatur Focus says, "The cost of a fountain is $3,200 if there is an existing water meter that could be used, or $4,200 if a new water meter has to be installed. Sponsor levels range from $500 to $3,000."

A committee determined possible locations downtown and along walking routes to schools and parks.

For a list of available locations or more information, contact cheryl.burnette@decaturga.com or 678-553-6541.


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