Decatur Website To Carry Streaming Video of Meetings

You can watch the meetings live or later on your computer.

It's going to be easier for Decatur residents to keep up with the workings of the City Commission.

Starting tonight, streaming video of commission meetings will be now be available through the city website. Some previous meetings were loaded during a shakedown period.

This means you can watch the meeting live on your laptop or home computer or go back and watch it on your computer at your leisure. You can click on specific topics, so you don't have to watch the entire meeting to get to the part you're interested in.

City commission meetings will still be broadcast live on Comcast channel 25, and they'll be rebroadcast at 2 p.m. the Saturday after the meeting. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m tonight.

Here's the info provided from city hall.

The City of Decatur announces the launch of streaming video for the Decatur City Commission meetings beginning Monday, August 6, 2012.  The option has been in the Pilot Testing Phase and goes live Monday night.

“This feature is part of our ongoing commitment to offering a variety of ways to access our City Commission meetings and information,” said Mayor Bill Floyd.  “We hope that those who have an interest will take advantage of this new service.”

To access the streaming video option, visit www.decaturga.com and click on City Government, City Commission, Streaming Video.  Once the service moves out of the Pilot Testing Phase at the end of August, there will be a button from the front page of the website that will take viewers directly to the streaming video page.

The City Commission meetings continue to be broadcast live on Comcast Channel 25 in addition to this new service.  We encourage your feedback and suggestions during this testing phase so that we can make any needed adjustments.

If you have questions or need more information, contact Linda Harris, linda.harris@decaturga.com, 404-371-8386 or Meredith Roark, Meredith.roark@decaturga.com, 404-370-4102.


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