Decatur Resident Says Oakhurst Animals Okay

Decatur officials met with an Oakhurst property owner to discuss animals, property conditions.

City officials met Tuesday morning with an Oakhurst resident after her neighbor claimed the owner's .

Assistant City Manager David Junger and codes enforcement officer Cynthia Hardnett visited Stacy Reno's Feld Avenue home. They inspected her property to determine if the three goats, 29 chickens, and turkey were being kept unlawfully.

"They stated that the space I have provided was [sic.] appeared to be adequate," Reno wrote in response to emailed questions. "They also stated that my animals appeared well cared for & the space & accommodations appeared to be sanitary."

Reno also wrote that the officials instructed her to bring the premises into compliance with city codes. According to Reno, she was told to paint her house and to clear debris from yard areas. She also needs to get a permit for her chicken coop and she may be required to move it if officials determine that it is too close to neighboring residences.

Reno's neighbor Tanya Floyd declined to comment on Tuesday's inspection. On Monday she wrote to Decatur's mayor and city commissioners requesting that the city reconsider its opinion that pygmy goats like Reno's are pets, not livestock.

Floyd, who is an environmental attorney, believes Reno's property is a public health and safety nuisance. In the letter to Decatur officials Floyd wrote the Reno property's conditions violate multiple state, county, and municipal codes.

"I am requesting that the setback and housing requirements of [Decatur Code] Section 14-8 be strictly enforced so that no future nuisances, health hazards, or safety issues exist," Floyd wrote.

When reached by phone earlier today, Hardnett said she could not comment on the case without prior approval. Junger was in a meeting and could not be reached for immediate comment.

Bob H. May 05, 2011 at 11:00 PM
Why does Patch keep removing the reporter's comments? He is the only Patch reporter who has attempted to discover the real story and interview people who are not friends of Reno. I have lost respect for Patch.
Diane Loupe May 06, 2011 at 12:48 PM
To Bob H. or anyone else, feel free to email me or call me with any comments about "the real story," as I am writing a followup. My email is dloupe@mindspring.com and my phone is 404-377-8264. I'm chaperoning a field trip most of the afternoon, however. Because of the nature of Patch, it is difficult to be both close to the story and part of the community and have no relationships with the people we cover.
Lucinda Moores May 06, 2011 at 07:25 PM
Only a Friend can see Stacy's behavior as reasonable. She is attempting to turn her lot into a farm and that is NOT reasonable. She is very inconsiderate. Your Friend dragged herself through the mud with all her web postings. Really if she wants to be a farmer let her move to a farm area. Lucinda
s jackson May 07, 2011 at 07:55 PM
Does anyone else seem to think that the real story is that the City doesn't have more defined regulations on the type or number of animals. I LOVE that my neighbors have chickens, but they have 4 NOT 29 AND a turkey. If the city did rule that the goats are pets, how many is one houshold allowed to have in addition to the dogs and cats this particular resident already owns. I think all this hoopla should be that the city of Decatur doesn't have better guidelines for residents to follow and also would make it easier for the their staff to enforce. I say that the next council meeting should have discussion about better zoning on this issue as it will surely come up again.
Luke May 11, 2011 at 03:02 AM
Bob H makes some great points. I believe all parties concerned are animal lovers and are in favor of small scale urban sustainability but this taking it to an extreme. Three pets, a couple hens, some vegetables and thats it. Its not fair or sanitary to the animals or neighbors to have this many animals in the city.


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