Decatur Repaving Streets

The work starts Monday, July 30, on Avery Street. Residents will need to move their cars.


The City of Decatur is repaving several streets, starting Monday, July 30, and ending Aug. 29.

Residents will need to move their cars or risk towing. The streets are Avery Street, Fayetteville Road, Oakview Road, Winnona Drive and Pinetree Drive.

The follwing information comes from the City of Decatur website.

The City of Decatur and the state is repaving the following residential streets beginning July 30:

• Avery Street from East College Avenue to Winnona Drive, south end.
• Fayetteville Road from East Lake Drive to Gordon Street.
• Oakview Road from South McDonough Street to West Benson Street.
• Winnona Drive, south end, from Avery Street to 151 Winnona Drive.
• Pinetree Drive from West Ponce de Leon Avenue running west 130 feet.

City construction activities are scheduled between July 30 and August 29. State resurfacing work will follow and notices will be provided separately when that work takes place.

Shepco Paving, Inc., the City's contractor, is performing the required work and will post signs on each street three days before construction begins.

All vehicles must be removed from the street during daylight hours when work is performed. Vehicles parked on the street during the posted times are subject to towing. Please watch for postings on your street.

Contact the engineering department at 404-377-6198 and ask for John Madajewski if you have any questions.


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