Decatur Pools Make Money

Decatur's public pools made a profit this year.

As summer draws to a close, the city of Decatur is reporting that its three public pools earned a profit this year, according to Decatur Metro.

The pools were open from Memorial Day through Labor Day and brought in $1,900, Asst. City Manager Lyn Menne reported at the Decatur City Commission meeting this week, according to Decatur Metro. 

The total income was $169,500, and pool contracting fees of $167,600 were deducted from that amount, Decatur Metro reported. The city hires a private company, Dynamo Pool Management, to manage its pool operations and staff the pools.

Glenlake, Ebster and McKoy pools are open in the summer to both Decatur residents and non-residents. The aquatic program offers swimming camps, swim lessons, Mini Gators and the Decatur Gators Swim Team. 


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