Decatur Needs Volunteers (Including Poets) For Publix Marathon

Thousands of runners will pass through the city on March 17.

As the March 17 Publix Marathon approaches, the City of Decatur is asking for help.

Volunteers are needed to run two water stations -- one in Oakhurst and the other in downtown Decatur. You can sign up at the marathon website.

Residents are also needed to yell, ring bells and encourage thousands of marathon runners who will pass by a cheering station at the old courthouse.

It's not just for city spirit -- there's money involved. The city won $2,000 last year in a competition with other cheering stations. The reward went to the Walk There! Decatur program.

If you have questions contact Katie Abel at Katie.abel@decaturga.com or 678-553-6573.

If you're of a creative bent, you can help in the marathon by coming up with  “Burma Shave” signs to post along the route. As the Decatur Focus says,

“Burma Shave” signs were a part of a popular advertising campaign in the 1950s for Burma Shave cream (a brand of brushless shaving cream), whose advertising gimmick was to post humorous rhymes on consecutive signs along the edge of highways.

Typically there were five signs devoted to the poem, and a sixth that ended with the product name. In Decatur, we will post four consecutive rhyming signs encouraging the runners, ending with a fifth “Decatur” sign."

An example: You runners are brilliant. We love every one. Our rhyming's outrageous. But isn't it fun? Decatur!

Email your suggestions to lyn.menne@decaturga.com.

passed through Decatur last year.



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