Decatur Seeking Beacon School Artifacts

Do you have any yearbooks, uniforms or graduation photos from Decatur's old African-American school?

The City of Decatur is seeking artifacts from the city's African-American schools, Beacon Elementary and Trinity High School, which used to operate out of the Beacon Hill Center on West Trinity.

The artifacts will be displayed when a major renovation of the building is completed.

The building now houses Decatur's police station, municipal court and recreation facilities. It will eventually be home to the police department, the city schools administrative offices and the Ebster Center of the Active Living Department.

The schools and the city is asking citizens to donate "memorabilia, stories, and photos from 1955 to 1977 that help to tell the story of the Beacon school and community."

A message from city hall says artifacts of special interest include:

  • Graduation documentation and regalia
  • Uniforms for clubs and sports
  • Ribbons, medals and trophies for sports and scholastic competitions
  • Yearbooks and city directories
  • Textbooks, notebooks and report cards
  • Historic newspapers and other local media
  • Paper-based documentation  and photos of local organizations and/or events
  •  Local sports and recreational memorabilia
  • Documentation of local politics and civic activities
  • Documentation of local clubs and societies
  • Photographs documenting historic buildings, local events, and daily life in or around

For information contact Teresa Taylor in the Decatur City Manager's Office, 404-370-4102, teresa.taylor@decaturga.com.

Beverly Worthy Franks May 29, 2013 at 07:42 PM
i am so very thrill to see this article. I was very young (4 years old) but I remember my grandmother Ilia Maudline Reynolds teaching at Beacon Elementary School in the early '50. Often I would ride with my grandfather when he would drive her to Beacon and pick her up in the afternoon. Ma Ma as we so fondly called her loved her Beacon children and they loved her. I would often accompany her to visit some of the parents in the nearby Public Housing Comunity. She would often provide kids with the necessary tools for learning when parents couldn't afford the expense. My grandmother retired from Beacon in the early 60's. This article brought back beautiful memories for me. Thank you. Beverly Worthy Franks


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