Anti-Walmart Group Meets Tuesday at North Decatur Presbyterian

The meeting starts at 7 p.m.

Residents against the construction of a new Walmart inside a newly redeveloped Suburban Plaza in North Decatur haven't finished voicing their opposition.

A group of them plans to meet Tuesday, Jan. 17, under the banner, "Good Growth DeKalb: Suburban Plaza," at , according to an email sent to residents in the Decatur Heights neighborhood. The meeting begins at 7pm at the church at 611 Medlock Rd.

The group has also been organizing on a Facebook group called Tell Selig: NO WM in Decatur.

Here's a rundown of North Druid Hills-Briarcliff Patch's ongoing coverage of the redevelopment of Suburban Plaza:

Cheryl January 18, 2012 at 01:10 PM
What "hidden" agenda? Seems pretty straight forward to me. Plus, there ARE alternatives. The land owner just doesn't wish to consider them. Make no mistake: this is NOT about doing the best thing for the neighborhood/community. This is about exploitation--the land owner wants the MAXIMUM yield on this property. He will make millions and millions of dollars, while the neighborhood lives with the results for many years to come. WE the NEIGHBORS will pay the price with the added crime, traffic, pollution and degradation of the area. If this property owner truly wanted something good for the neighborhood, there are developments that could IMPROVE the area. There are many folks out there with this type of vision.
Deanne January 18, 2012 at 03:49 PM
What exactly will add the crime? And how will a revamped shopping center that's fully tenanted with useful businesses cause degradation of the area? Heck, I'm hoping it'll inspire others to tackle all the empty car lots along Church St. and Scott Blvd.! Wanting maximum yield seems like plain old business sense. I'd get your point if the Selig folks were converting virgin land, but it's shopping center to shopping center. It's fine to want something different, but unless you're willing to put up the money, it seems kinda wrong to expect to impose your vision on their property (and it's definitely silly to think it'll be accomplished through insults). For what it's worth, I lived in the neighborhood behind it when Belk, Winn Dixie, Big Star, and Pharmor were big anchors, and I never found the traffic from it to be an issue. (Selig and Walmart have included measures to minimize impact to that neighborhood in their plans.) These days I live a mile away, and I'm looking forward to be able to do even more of my shopping at Suburban Plaza. From talking to a good many of the neighbors in our economically diverse neighborhood, so are many of them.
Cheryl January 18, 2012 at 04:39 PM
It is not insulting to state the fact that this development is about how the owner can maximize profit on his land. It is not for the good of the neighborhood. There has been much study on the impact of Wal Mart on communities, and never is it good. Here's a recent article: http://motherjones.com/tom-philpott/2012/01/walmart-answer-food-deserts Note that the presence of a Wal Mart kills other businesses around it. As for vacant space along Church and Scott, Wal Mart could have gone into one of those vacant car lots. Why don't they? It is a good question. Wouldn't this be better than displacing existing businesses? A shopping center facelift would do more to help the existing businesses than pushing them out. Just because Wal Mart has the money and wants to develop at SP, does not make it the best scenario.
Jennifer C. January 25, 2012 at 06:25 PM
I couldn't agree with Cheryl more. Your argument is point on. The overwhelming shortsightedness of the people who support Walmart is jaw dropping. And the "innocence" in thinking that this was Seilg's ONLY option for that property would almost be endearing if the proven crime and traffic that Walmart's bring weren't going to directly affect me. Also, I find Steve's comments to be rude, unhelpful, and unnecessary. He clearly is a know-it-all.
Jennifer C. January 25, 2012 at 06:32 PM
David, What do you mean by the comment of a hidden agenda exactly? Please explain specfically if you are going to defame the group, something I take very seriously. So, provide all the facts to support this comment or else I am going to ask the moderator to remove your comment immediately or I may look at legal action myself against you as a member of the group. Thank you.


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