Signup Under Way for Decatur Citizens Fire Academy

Members of the Decatur Citizens Fire Academy learn how the department functions, learn CPR and first aid, and more.

Members of the Decatur Citizens Fire Academy. Credit: City of Decatur's website
Members of the Decatur Citizens Fire Academy. Credit: City of Decatur's website
From the Decatur Minute blog:

The Decatur Fire Department will once again offer Citizens Fire Academy designed for residents to learn what the fire department does, how they do it and why they do it.

The academy, using the Georgia Supporting Firefighter Basic Training Course, teaches participants about the department’s mission and organization, fire scene safety, various types of operations, the equipment used, and equipment inspection and maintenance. In addition, students learn CPR and first aid, and they spend part of a shift riding and responding with firefighters.

Although not required, graduates are encouraged to become part of the Decatur Fire CAPS (Citizens Assisting Public Safety) volunteer program, which offers opportunities for continuing education and service to the fire department and the community.

CAPS members meet periodically to learn disaster preparedness, additional fire/rescue related skills and other ways they can help firefighters with community projects and assist in the support operations at an actual fire scene.

The academy begins May 1 and will be held on Thursdays for six consecutive weeks from 6 to 9 p.m. and is free to the community. Graduation is June 12.

For an application or more information, contact Stephanie Burton atstephanie.burton@decaturga.com or all 678-553-6580. 


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