Local Shops Sold Alcohol to Underage Customers

Two gas stations in the Decatur-Avondale Estates area were caught selling alcohol to underage customers as part of a DeKalb County police sting.

DeKalb County police during a countywide operation, Operation School's Out, to stop the sale of alcohol and tobacco products to minors in gas stations and liquor stores. Two of the gas stations that sold alcohol to underage customers are located in the Decatur-Avondale Estates area, according to a document obtained by a records request.

Those two stores are:

  • BP, 456 East Ponce de Leon Ave., sold a six-pack of Bud Ice beer
  • , 527 East College Ave., sold a 24 oz. Bud Light beer

Please note that most of the shops checked during Operation School's Out did not sell to minors--these two are part of the exception, not the rule. The operation occurred between May 19 and May 26, sweeping more than 150 gas stations in the county.


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