Decatur Police Wants Neighborhoods to Join Community Alerts Group

From the Decatur Police Department:

The Decatur Police Department is currently utilizing the Nation of Neighbors (NON) website as a way to send crime alerts, updates and information out to community members.

There are currently six Decatur communities/neighborhoods that have joined NON and we hope as the word spreads, more will join.

The following Decatur communities/neighborhoods are already participating in NON:
  • Sycamore Ridge Neighborhood Watch
  • Decatur Heights
  • Oakhurst
  • Lenox Place
  • Winnona Park
  • Parkwood Park.
The Decatur Police Department started posting on NON in July and the feedback has been positive. There are new members joining every day.  There are many other Decatur communities/neighborhoods that could benefit if someone will take the initiative to establish the boundaries for their community/neighborhood/street, invite their neighbors to join and manage membership approval if you choose to restrict membership to confirmed neighbors.

This site gives you the option to control how often you receive the alerts.  Membership can also be restricted to those confirmed to live in the community/neighborhood.

The site works as a web-based community watch/network to “enable neighbors to share local crime, suspicious activity and other community concerns in real time.”

An example would be a resident having a suspicious person come to their door and sending an alert to their neighbors or the police department sending an alert regarding recent burglaries in the area via the NON site.  The mission of NON is to “enable citizens and law enforcement to work together to fight and deter crime and build strong communities.”

NON is not managed by the Decatur Police Department, we have joined to utilize the site to share information with residents of our community. The Decatur Police Department does not post information about every case filed or investigated on NON, the site is utilized to provide more detailed information about critical cases, current crime trends/issues and crime prevention information when the release of information will not hinder ongoing investigations.

Also, alerts/updates/information are currently being sent out to various local media and blog channels but not all of the submissions are chosen to be published.  Posts made on the NON site directly from the police department are immediately posted.  For more information, please check out the NON site.



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