Decatur Police Investigate Theft of Purse, iPhones, Clothing

A woman forgot her purse in a restaurant. It was gone when she returned.

This information comes from Decatur police reports.

A woman ate breakfast at at 127 East Court Square July 15, walked around the square about 15 minutes and realized she'd forgotten her purse in the restaurant. It wasn't on the chair and nobody remembered seeing it. She valued the patent leather Fendi purse at $1,500 and said it contained $3 in cash, her driver's license and Social Security card, a credit card and her house keys. She was advised to change the locks on her house.

A woman said she was loading her car on Feld Avenue July 14, left a duffle bag on the sidewalk and went back inside the house about 10 minutes. When she returned, the bag was missing. It contained about $2,000 in designer clothing.

Police are investigating two cell phone thefts. A woman said somebody stole her iPhone July 16 while she was sitting at the bar at at 350 Mead Road. She had her iPhone locatur turned on and tracked the phone to an apartment complex on Glenwood Road in Decatur, but doesn't know anybody who lives there. Another woman said she left her iPhone on her office desk in a building in the 700 block of Commerce Drive. The phone was stolen July 18 when she stepped away for a brief period.

On July 8, a man at put his laptop into a case containing various pieces of musical equipment and zipped the bag shut. He placed the bag and his guitar next to the door leading to the patio and left about midnight. The next day he looked in the bag and the laptop was gone. He valued it at $1,200.       

Monty August 01, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Who would leave a duffle bag of expensive clothing unattended on the sidewalk? Or electronics left unattended. Just plain stupidity.


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