Decatur Police Advisory for Older Toyotas and Hondas

Owners of older Toyotas and Hondas, take note: your cars are often theft targets.

Here's an advisory for owners of older model year Toyotas and Hondas from Decatur Metro:

The Decatur Police Department issues this advisory to owners of older model Honda and Toyota vehicle owners. Older model Honda and Toyota vehicles have remained the most stolen vehicles nationally in the past several years. The year models most stolen are 1990 to 2000. Since January 1, 2012, 14 Honda Civics and Accords have been reported stolen in the City of Decatur. Most of these vehicles have not been recovered. An additional six Honda vehicles have been entered with the intent to commit a theft. The lack of recovery leads investigators to believe these vehicles are being dismantled for their parts or scrap metals. Similar reported theft rates have been reported by other law enforcement agencies in the metro Atlanta area. Most of the thefts have occurred in residential areas at night.

Owners of these types of vehicles are being advised to take additional steps to secure their vehicles. Possible prevention tactics include securing these vehicles in locked garages or parking them in driveways, blocked in by other vehicles. All residents are encouraged to report any suspicious behavior to the Decatur Police Department.

You may reach the Decatur police by calling 404-373-6551, the non-emergency number, or 911 for emergencies.


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