4 Juveniles Arrested in Decatur Square Phone Theft

Decatur police said the victim, two men and officers chased the suspects into the Marta Station on Sunday night.

Decatur/Avondale Estates Patch has obtained the Decatur police report about the robbery reported Sunday night on the Decatur Court Square.

Four juvenile males were arrested and taken into custody after one of them grabbed an iPhone that was lying on a table in front of the Brick Store Pub. Though the incident didn't involve a weapon, it's classified as a robbery.

Here's what the police report said.

A woman was sitting at a table in front of the Brick Store about 10:20 p.m. Sunday when a juvenile grabbed her iPhone 4 in a pink case off the table.

He and three companions ran toward the Decatur Marta Station on Church Street. The woman and two male diners chased the four into the Marta tunnel. Somebody called 911.

One of the pursuing men shoved a fleeing suspect to the ground and tried to hold him down until police arrived. The suspect hit the man on the chin and one of the other suspects said, "I'm going to throw you on the tracks." The man let the suspect go.

Several police officers arrived and arrested thee suspects. The suspect who actually took the phone had to be chased down on foot.  The stolen phone was found in his pocket.

While officers interviewed witnesses outside the Marta tunnel, a young man walked up to the area and sat on a bench. He was identified as the suspect who struggled with the man who gave chase. He was also taken into custody.

Police contacted the parents or guardians of two of the four suspects. All four were taken to the Regional Youth Detention Center and will be charged with robbery.

This is the seventh robbery reported by Decatur police since Feb. 6. In most of the cases, the suspects demanded the victims' cell phones.

Here are the other incidents:

  • March 31 at Wahoo! Grill on West College Avenue.
  • March 20 at the East Lake Marta Station.





Jimmy April 12, 2013 at 08:32 PM
Shelby, stealing isn't "the only viable option" for these kids. I'm sure you know that. They aren't stealing to buy food, and if they are truly living in poverty, then there are many, many government programs out there to make sure they are provided for. Also, if you attempt to steal from me, I will defend myself, as is my right, and I won't wait for the police to do so. I also won't condemn people for protecting their property when some bored kid steals it. Further, we all know these kids are not going to be "prosecuted to the fullest extent allowable." They're juveniles. They are almost certainly back on the street today. I really hope Decatur PD can get this reigned in soon. I bought a home here in part because I felt perfectly comfortable with my wife and child walking the beautiful streets of Decatur without me. That feeling is changing by the day.
N.G. April 13, 2013 at 02:21 AM
Wow, Shelby. You are so far off base in your analysis that I don't know where to start. Let's just say that I agree with Jimmy 1000%. If it were up to me these criminals, including the kids, would be in jail for many years to come. In fact, send them to the Gulags -- Russia needs the money and we need the space. And for your information Shelby, it is not the "man's" other "system's" responsibility to help these kids. It is their parents' responsibilities to raise them correctly, as my parents did. But, you and I both know that these thugs don't have present fathers and the baby mommas are on WIC, on the back and burden of our tax dollars. How many more Head Start programs do we need to fund to help these people? Do you know that we've spent billions on Head Start and research has proven that any gains are lost by 3rd grade. If you sleep better at night peddling this moral high ground nonsense, then be my guest. But don't expect to not be called out for it. YOU, Shelby, and YOUR family dedicate your life to these kids. I have kids of my own that I am focusing on as my responsibility as a good parent. And in a general frustration at your too-liberal-for -your-own-good comment, take a hike lady. And I'm a liberal and voted for Obama twice. But I'm also intellectually honest. Ralph Ellis -- if you don't post this I am emailing and calling your editor.
suavez April 13, 2013 at 12:15 PM
Shelby, is this some sort of a joke? Coming to Decatur and stealing iPhones is the only option available to a 16 yr old? I doubt they were doing this to put food on the table.
john penn April 15, 2013 at 02:20 PM
If you steal ; you go to jail. OKAY? Thanks!
Shelby April 16, 2013 at 05:13 PM
N.G., if you're a liberal, then I'm Barack Obama. Your language alone ("these people" who utilize Head Start or "thugs" as you say on one of your other comments) shows how you've set yourself apart as "better than" because...what? You're more educated? You have more money? You're (gasp!) white? I don't know you or what your demographics are but take a good look at why "they" might be different from "you". Seriously. I think you'll find that 1) there aren't as many differences as you think; and 2) the process you go through to make them the "other" is what perpetuates "their" inequality and your privilege. Suarez and Jimmy, how do you know it's not for food? Check out Georgia's Hunger Games: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2012/12/georgia_s_war_against_the_poor_the_southern_state_is_emptying_its_welfare.html John Penn, tell that to Wall Street.


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