Poetry Corner: Oddly Interesting…He Took His Shoes Off?

A poem inspired by your home Patch.

By Kodac Harrison

(who spotted this person between the Starbucks and The Little Shop of Stories)


Around mid-night in the city

Lying passed out on the side walk

Against the locked door of a coffee shop

In the corner of a recessed entrance way

Sprawled out on the concrete

Surely the cops would arouse him soon

He had taken his shoes off


They looked brand new to me 

Probably acquired from some shelter

Maybe a church or community organization

Maybe he was not homeless at all

Maybe he just had too much to drink

At the bar I had just walked out of

He had taken his shoes off


He had placed his shoes next to his head

Maybe he felt uncomfortable wearing them 

Maybe this was his nightly habit

Maybe too precious to sleep in

His offering to the gods of the night?

Before losing consciousness?

He took his shoes off?


I found that oddly interesting… 

Diane Loupe July 14, 2011 at 04:45 PM
I do love reading poetry on this site!


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