Vernon Jones Runs For State House

He qualified for the Democratic primary in House District 94 -- in the far eastern section of DeKalb.

Vernon Jones is back in the game.

The former DeKalb County CEO qualified to run for the open state House seat in District 94. That district is in the far eastern section of DeKalb County and exends into Rockdale County. Residents of Decatur and Avondale Estates would not vote in that election.

In filing papers, Jones describes himself as a 51-year-old consultant. He's also an unsuccessful candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Seeking the same seat are four other Democrats -- Karen Bennett of Stone Mountain, Patricia Bourdeau of Snellville, Tony Lentin of Snellville and Jaye Peabody of Snellville. No Republicans qualified.

Noon Friday was the deadline for candidates to officially get into a race. Several well-known candidates now face battles within their own party.

Incumbent DeKalb County Commissioner Elaine Boyer, the only Republican on the commission, is being challenged by Larry Danese for the District 1 GOP nomination.

Kathie Gannon, the incumbent commissioner in District 6, faces Edmond Richardson for the Democratic nomination.

There's no candidate from the opposition party in District 1 or 6, so a primary victory is tantamount to election.

On the DeKalb School Board, Thomas Bowen of District 6 is the only incumbent not seeking re-election. Four candidates are seeking that seat.

U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson, the incumbent in Congressional District 5, faces two opponents for the Democratic nomination.

Courtney Dillard Sr., a 49-year-old minister and real estate developer from Conyers, has joined the race. Lincoln Nunnally of Porterdale qualified earlier.

Perhaps the most watched issues will be the and the Brookhaven cityhood referendum.

Meanwhile, here is the lineup of candidates for the July 31 primary.

U.S. Representative, District 4

Courtney L. Dillard, Sr. -- Democrat

J. Chris Vaughn -- Republican

Hank Johnson (I) -- Democrat

Lincoln Nunnally -- Democrat

Greg Pallen -- Republican

U.S. Representative, District 5

Michael Johnson -- Democrat

John Lewis (I) -- Democrat

Howard Stopeck -- Republican

State Senate, District 10

Emmanuel Jones (I) -- Democrat

State Senate, District 42

Kenneth Brett Braverman -- Republican

Jason Carter (I) -- Democrat 

State House, District 82

Mary Margaret Oliver (I) -- Democrat

State House, District 83

Howard Mosby (I) -- Democrat

State House, District 84

Rahn Mayo (I) -- Democrat

State House, District 85

Karla Drenner (I) -- Democrat

State House, District 86

Michele Henson (I) -- Democrat

Lisa Y. Kinnemore -- Republican

State House, District 87

Earnest "Coach" Williams (I) -- Democrat

Superior Court Judge, Stone Mountain Circuit (Non-partisan)

Gregory A. Adams (I)

Superior Court Judge, Stone Mountain Circuit (Non-partisan)

Cynthia (C.J.) Becker (I)

Superior Court Judge, Stone Mountain Circuit (Non-partisan)

Gail Flake (I)

Michael Rothenberg

Superior Court Judge, Stone Mountain Circuit (Non-partisan)

Linda Warren Hunter (I)

Superior Court Judge, Stone Mountain Circuit (Non-partisan)

Michael Anthony Scott (I)

Superior Court Judge, Stone Mountain Circuit (Non-partisan)

Clarence F. "Chuck" Seeliger (I)

Superior Court Judge, Stone Mountain Circuit (Non-partisan)

Tangela M. Barrie (I)

DeKalb County CEO

Gregory Adams -- Democrat
Jerome Edmondson -- Democrat
Burrell Ellis (I) -- Democrat

DeKalb County Board of Commissioners, District 1

Elaine Boyer (I) -- Republican

Larry Danese -- Republican

DeKalb County Board of Commissioners, District 4

Sharon Barnes-Sutton (I) -- Democrat
Steve Bradshaw -- Democrat

Clyburn Halley -- Democrat

DeKalb County Board of Commissioners, District 5

Gina S. Mangham -- Democrat

Lee May (I) -- Democrat
Kenneth L. Samuel -- Democrat
Andre R. White -- Democrat


DeKalb County Board of Commissioners, District 6

Kathie Gannon (I) -- Democrat

Edmond Richardson -- Democrat

Chief Magistrate

Berryl Anderson (I) -- Democrat

Clerk of Superior Court

John Carter -- Democrat
Debra Deberry (I) -- Democrat
Oretha Brown Johnson -- Democrat
Frank W. Swindle -- Democrat

Cheryl Vortice


Thomas E. Brown, Jr. (I) -- Democrat


Sherry Boston (I) -- Democrat

Tax Commissioner

Claudia Lawson (I) -- Democrat

Melvin Allen Tukes -- Democrat

Probate Judge (Nonpartisan)

Jeryl Debra Rosh (I)

State Court Judge, Division 2 (Nonpartisan)

Stacey Hydrick (I)

State Court Judge, Division 3 (Nonpartisan)

Wayne M. Purdom (I)

State Court Judge, Division 5 (Nonpartisan)

Eleanor L. Ross (I)

State Court Judge, Division 6 (Nonpartisan)

Dax E.Lopez (I)
Dionne McGee

State Court Judge, Division 7 (Nonpartisan)

Janis C. Gordon (I)

DeKalb County School Board, District 2 (Nonpartisan)

Don E. McChesney (I)

Marshall Orson

DeKalb County School Board, District 4 (Nonpartisan)

James T. (Tom) Gilbert
James (Jim) P. Kinney, III

James L. McMahan

H. Paul Womack, Jr. (I)

DeKalb County School Board, District 6 (Nonpartisan)

Melvin Johnson

Denise Etienne McGill

Terrilyn C. Rivers-Cannon

Latasha Walker

DeKalb County School Board, District 8 (Nonpartisan)

Michelle Jenkins-Clark

Pamela Speaks (I)

HeyNow May 26, 2012 at 11:50 PM
How many scandals occurred during the Vernon Jones/Richard Stogner administration? Too many. Two words for ya Vern: Mike Bryant. http://www.ajc.com/news/dekalb/dekalb-settles-racial-bias-914612.html Two more words, Mr. CEO: Terrell Bolton: http://www.ajc.com/news/dekalb/dekalb-ceo-adds-24-530133.html


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