911 Operator In DeKalb County Wins Telecommunications Award

Danielle Harvey of DeKalb County has been awarded the Smart Telecommunicator award for her outstanding service as a 911 operator.

Photo credit: V31S70 via Flickr.com.
Photo credit: V31S70 via Flickr.com.
Hundreds of 911 operators nationwide competed the Smart Telecommunicator Award, but none were quite as charming, tireless and kind as DeKalb County's own Danielle Harvey.

Harvey received the award given to those who demonstrate exceptional leadership, performance, compassion for callers and inspiration for co-workers for her work as an E-911 Communications operator.

"I am excited and honored. It feels really nice to be finally recognized by people other than my coworkers. It’s never anything good that you hear as a 911 operator so just to be recognized nationally it’s great,” Harvey said about receiving the award. “People need to know that we are not automatic machines. We do a lot of good. We are humans, with feelings and emotions that try to help and assist them in a difficult moment of their lives.”

Harvey's win also means that Smart 911 will donate $1,000 on her behalf to the charity of her choice. She's selected the DeKalb County Women’s Resource Center.

“This is my DeKalb family and my home so I wanted to give back to an organization that I know helps the county and its going to benefit us all," she said, adding that she happily accepted the award on behalf of all her fellow operators.


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