Pets and Peeps: Two Greyhounds, Octavia and Daphne

The dogs' owner says the two greyhounds have enriched his life. "Because they are sensitive, and because they follow you around the house, they are a constant presence that makes you feel that their lives are just as important as yours."

The people: Kel Kelly of Decatur.

Pet's name and nicknames: Octavia and Daphne, both greyhounds.

How I met my pet:  I went searching for a Greyhound at Adopt a Greyhound Atlanta and we tested greyhounds that didn’t want to attack my cat. Octavia was the first. So I took her. When I realized I needed to get Octavia a dog due to her separation anxiety, I tested a borrowed greyhound from AGA one Saturday as I was helping them advertise their dogs up for adoption at Petco. Besides the fact that it helped Octavia, I knew that once I had Daphne, I couldn’t give her back. I’m glad I picked the prettiest one there for a trial.

I love it when my pets do this: After I give her pets and kisses, Octavia will turn over on her back and twist and turn, with all four legs in the air as a direct response. Then she will lie in that position. It’s her happy position. When I walk out the door to leave, Daphne will get all excited and start breathing heavily, and run back and forth around us because she’s so excited she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She’s a party girl always ready for excitement.

I wish my pets would stop doing this: Daphne always wants to walk in a different direction than I want to, especially if the direction is away from home. She has her own ideas about where I should go and explore. Usually, she wins.

What people say about my pets: That they’re BEAUTIFUL. That they look so different than normal dogs. That they are so calm and have such a nice disposition. Inevitably, they always ask if they’re rescues.

What my pets eat: Everything but bananas (including cat poop, if they can sneak it in). They are obsessed with food and want to eat all the time. But they’re not skinny because they’re hungry!

Most exciting moment with my pets: Seeing them run. Though they are couch potatoes, when the do run, they LOVE it. They are so excited and happy to run, especially to chase. And it’s quite a site to see—the beauty, the form, the grace, and the raw speed. Also: when they curl up against you and rest their heads on you. Also: just staring at their beauty and looking into their soulful eyes.

How my pets have enriched my life: They have made me appreciate that animals all have their own thoughts, feelings, and desires. Greyhounds, especially, show their thoughts and emotions. And because they are sensitive, and because they follow you around the house, they are a constant presence that makes you feel that their lives are just as important as yours. They become an inexorable part of your life and heart.

If my pets could talk they might say this:  1. Food?! 2. You’re not leaving, are you?

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Ralph Ellis May 07, 2013 at 02:56 PM
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