Reactions to TSPLOST Defeat

Here's a roundup of comments on the Tuesday night defeat of the regional transportation referendum.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I’m here to stick out my chin and take the loss, to accept the loss … but to ask in a respectful way that we really do sit down and not wait six or eight or 10 years but work on it right away. Because the future belongs to those who figure it out. … We’re going to have to have politics of cooperation if we’re going to meet these big challenges.”

Tad Leithead, chairman of the Atlanta Regional Commission, in the Marietta Daily Journal.

“I was surprised at the level of energy behind the opposition, particularly because much of the opposition was mounted by elected officials who originally supported the concept."

Gov. Nathan Deal in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

 "It will require that we reprioritize the projects that are currently being considered. We're going to have sharp cuts. We're going to have to eliminate every unnecessary expenditure and make sure that the transportation dollars that are available are put in the right place to produce the best results."

State Sen. Vincent Fort, (D-Atlanta) in www.examiner.com.

“We’re gonna celebrate this victory. At the same time we’re gonna start working toward putting together a plan, a plan that works.”

Cobb County Commission Chairman Tim Lee in the Marietta Daily Journal.

“I thought it would be closer, but it is what it is. My reaction is that this was an issue put out in front of the people as to whether or not the solution was one that they believed solved the problem that’s in front of us, which is real. What we need to do now is regroup, get together and continue to work to identify a solution for the problem that’s in front of us and that’s the transportation bottlenecks that exist."

Dallas Morning News transportation blogger Michael Lindenberger.

"As for Atlanta, it’s clear that the local governments made a sucker’s bet when they let the state officials off the hook for solving major infrastructure problems in the cities that drive the state’s economy. America is a nation of cities, now more than ever, and that’s no less true even in the big rural states like Texas and Georgia."

Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd in Decatur Patch.

'This vote brought together people of different parties, different races and different cultures on both sides of the issue. I think good can and will come from that. My hope now is that we will work together as we search for a method to move forward."

"If suburban Georgia doesn't want to pay for roads and transit in Atlanta -- I say we have a parking tax and a congestion tax -- and tax the bloodsuckers who use our roads, our transit, generate traffic jams, and drive the wrong way down 1 way streets. If they want to stay in the burbs and never come into the city (yeah right) -- then let them."


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