Neighborhood Groups Start Anti-Annex Petitions

The Clairmont Heights Civic Association and Medlock Area Neighborhood Association have both come out against the annexation proposal.

Two neighborhood groups have taken positions against the possible annexation of land by the City of Decatur.

The Clairmont Heights Civic Association and Medlock Area Neighborhood Association started online petitions asking the City Commission to not annex two heavily commercial areas.

Those areas contain the Emory Commons Shopping Center and Suburban Plaza along with about 500 residents. The petitions say:

The inevitable tax increases will undoubtedly be a hardship for the tenants and owners of these properties, which are owned by families and individuals who have been long-time owners of their centers and have served our community well. To rip them out of the unincorporated area in order to enrich the Decatur city coffers seems excessively greedy, not in the best interest of surrounding neighborhoods, and in serious conflict with the positive image the City of Decatur has cultivated for years.

The Decatur City Commission , on how to proceed with annexation.

The city considered annexing six areas that would have brought in about 2,000 new residents, but City Manager Peggy Merriss recently proposed the city only annex the two heavily commercial areas.

Fast Freddy December 15, 2012 at 03:45 PM
The City of Decatur's leadership is certainly upsetting Decatur citizens and voters including homeowners and comercial property owners and tenants in these shopping centers and small businesses in the areas that the City is now attempting to annex by the legislative process. As typical of those in Decatur's adminstration , they laid down several smoke screens attempting to lead voters and citizens in one direction then switching to another direction which is now not allowing citizens to vote on such a scheem and a takeover power play. In others words to hell with what the voters want. We, the politicians of the City of Decatur, know what's best for our citizens? Are you people kidding? Look what we are still digging thru nationally brought on by powerful and "know it all" politicians. By annexing these areas the taxes will increase by 32% over what Dekalb County taxes calls for a 32% INCREASE, or any increase, for a tenant that has for the past 5 years been struggling to just hold on by the sweat of his brow? Common now Commissioners......you should know better that to slap these small business owners across the face with such a riduclose move. You have family, friends and associates that have been merely hanging on in their shops.Consider their plight. PLease do what is right...kill this annexation vote............please........so I dont lose my business. I cant stand increases in expenses..only in sales. Come shop more! Fast Freddy
Fast Freddy December 15, 2012 at 04:35 PM
Decatur City Commissioners: Please hear my plea. In area A-3 shown on a drawing obtained from the City, there are 23 more parcels of land to be annexed and this land has active buildings business on it. Among these 23+parcels of land are 4 active major shopping centers with active tenants in them. One center there has 14 businesses in it including one large tenant. All have employees in them like your friends, neighbors, associates, supporters, and family working there. Another center has 16 small tenants operating, no major tenants, in it with your friends, neighbors, associates, supporters and family members working there. Another center has roughly 11 small tenants in it with your fiends, neighbors, associates, supporters, and family members working there. There are also 20 additional parcels of land with active businesses on them with tenants and business owners operating out of them These tenants and business owners are your neighbors, friends, family members and supporters. THese parcels of land should not be annexed because of the additional cost overlaying the City of Decatur taxes would straddle these business people with after they have struggled financially for many years to keep their businesses aloat and there families taken care of. Step up on Monday night Dec 17th at 7:30 and be a solid man and woman enough to exercise your right to kill this annexation move by the City of Decatur. That could be your business.. Fast Freddy
Mike Easterwood December 15, 2012 at 06:39 PM
As I have posted before, I have no problem with cities growing. I just think the affected properties SHOULD have a voice. The legislative method of annexation does not give commercial owners a say. Do away with the legislative method. If Decatur offers something to owners, they will ask to be annexed. I have seen it many times and in fact several tracts have been annexed into Decatur at the request of the owners. I think this is fair and also keeps municipalities from cherry picking property for taxes alone.
Steve December 15, 2012 at 07:46 PM
"Please hear my plea." "Step up on Monday night" Show up yourself and state your case during the public comment period.
Steve December 15, 2012 at 07:49 PM
They have a voice, albeit limited to appealing to the Decatur City Commission and DeKalb legislative delegation. Beyond that, the law would need to be changed or abolished in the Legislature, so get busy talking to them.


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