Private Bank of Decatur's mortgage unit continues expansion

PBofD's Judy Turner
PBofD's Judy Turner

PrivatePlus Mortgage, the recently relaunched and expanded mortgage division of Private Bank of Decatur, has recently been authorized to do business in North Carolina and Rhode Island, meaning it can now provide mortgages most anywhere in the U.S. 

PrivatePlus says its alliance with a strong, well-established bank known for its high-touch service philosophy leverages the best of both.

“We believe all customers should benefit from the heightened level of service other mortgage companies and banks reserve for a certain few,” says PBofD's Judy Turner. “That’s what the ‘private’ in our name signifies: We don’t send just certain customers to a private department with heightened offerings – we’re bringing all of our customers the service, products, pricing and processes they want and need. That they deserve.”

Turner says PrivatePlus offers a full range of mortgage products: Purchase, Refinance, Investment, Jumbo products, Second home, Fixed second, and more. In its home state of Georgia, it also offers Construction loans, Lot loans, Multiple collateral loans and Home equity lines of credit. And, while the company of course offers more traditionally structured loans, it also is a leader in no-closing-cost loans.

“Our mortgage professionals look at more than just the loan type and interest rate you have or need,” she says. “We help you decide which loan best fits your individual circumstances. Our seasoned pros guide you through the benefits and pitfalls of each scenario, because we understand the challenges of shopping for a mortgage: Comparing rates, fees, points and more.”

With its approval in North Carolina and Rhode Island, PrivatePlus can offer mortgages to residents of most states and the District of Columbia. PrivatePlus is represented at Private Bank of Decatur by Decatur resident Denise Pajak.

PrivatePlus and Private Bank of Decatur are divisions of Private Bank of Buckhead.


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