Paper Plane, New Bar/Restaurant, Opens Friday

Paper Plane will operate in back of Victory Sandwich Bar on Church Street.

Paper Plane, a bar/restaurant in back of Victory Sandwich Bar in Decatur, opens for business on Friday.

Victory opened in February and offers order-at-the-counter casual dining. Paper Plane will be a smaller and fancier sit-down restaurant with special cocktails. It will have a separate entrance reached by walking down an alley at 340 Church St.

 Paul Calvert, who will run Paper Plane, told Creative Loafing,

At Paper Plane we'll do dinner and drinks five nights a week - right now it's Tuesday through Saturday. [It will be] much more focused on the sit-down experience of dinner as opposed to Victory, which has more of a come-and-go feel.

We have a menu of modern American-composed plates designed to walk the line between communal dining and individual dining. By that I mean the plates are smaller than traditional, 1950s post-war dinner plates that have that protein + starch + greens thing, but they are larger and more composed than just a tapa, or an appetizer.

Calvert told Creative Loafing the name Paper Plane is supposed to convey the fun and sophistication air travel provided decades ago. "There was a time when people got dressed up to fly on an airplane, and there was an element of luxury or at least of service," he said.


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