Namesake of Eddie's Attic Leaving

Eddie Owen says he'll will run a theater in Duluth.

Eddie Owen, the man who founded Decatur folk club , is leaving the club for another job, Decatur Metro reports.

Owen, who has been general manager at the club, told Decatur Metro he'll run a theater in Duluth.

Owen helped put Decatur on the musical map by creating a comfortable space that seemed to bring out the best in performers he booked.

John Mayer, who used to work as a doorman at the club, and the local Indigo Girls are just two of the acts that played Eddie's Attic in their formative years.

But Eddie's Attic was something of a cultural center as well as a nightclub. Authors often gave readings from the stage during the -- and not just authors with musical theme, such as Marshall Chapman and Paul Hemphill.

During the last festival, experts on the Civil Rights movement had a panel discussion on "The 21st Century South,"led by Pulitzer Prize winner Hank Klibanoff, now of Emory University.

Decatur Metro said booking will be handled for a while by club owner Bob Ephlin.


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