Atlanta Walmart Project Denied

The mixed-use development at Lindbergh would include a Walmart. The Neighborhood Planning Unit voted it down Tuesday night.

Is anti-Walmart sentiment to blame for the recent denial of a zoning request to build a mixed-use development off Piedmont Road in the Lindbergh area of Atlanta? 

The full board of Neighborhood Planning Unit B voted 19-3-1 Tuesday night to deny the latest in a to build a mixed-use development that would include a “big box” Walmart store.

The Sembler Co.'s plan to build a commercial center at Lindbergh, Morosgo and Adina Drive and Piedmont Road has been ongoing for a year to no avail.

People in communities around Atlanta certainly seem to have a love/hate relationship with Walmart.

Some residents of the Decatur area have been vocal in their opposition to construction of a Super Walmart at Suburban Plaza, just outside the city limits. But construction appears to be proceeding there, .

A recent poll conducted by Patch asked readers, "Do you shop at Walmart?" 

Out of the 315 people polled at the writing of this article, 30-percent said they never shop at Walmart and have no plans to. By comparison, 31-percent said they regularly shop at Walmart — an almost even split. However, those voting against Walmart seem much more passionate in their comments than those in favor of the retail giant.


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