Green Chiles at The Square Pub

Pub owners went to Hatch, New Mexico, for 3,000 pounds of chiles.

By The Square Pub

, located in the heart of downtown Decatur, will hold a Green Chile Roast Saturday, Oct. 1.

Activities for the weekend-long party will center around the outdoor hand-roasting of 3000 pounds of premium Hatch green chiles, personally selected in New Mexico by The Square Pub co-owners Jason Wiles and Bob Rhein.

Jason, a former resident of New Mexico, has made green chile a central part of the menu since opening the pub’s doors a year ago.

 “A lot of people hear ‘chili’ and they think of the stuff you get at Wendy’s,” he says. “But ultimately, one thing that has made us different is our use of green chile peppers in our menu.

"It’s a large part of our concept. So when we were thinking about how to celebrate our one-year anniversary, this seemed a natural fit. Hand-roasting this much chile is something you won’t find anywhere else in Georgia, or the southeast U.S. for that matter.”

 So why go all the way to New Mexico for something found right here in Georgia?

“Hatch, New Mexico, is the ‘Napa Valley’ of chile peppers,” Jason explains. “Hatch green chile has the best flavor and the most variety. There’s a whole culture to how it’s selected, prepared and consumed, and you’ll be able to see the entire process happen here daily.”

 After hand-selecting the chiles and personally transporting them the 1,506 miles between Hatch and Decatur, Jason and Bob will set up a hand-cranked chile roaster on the plaza outside the pub’s front doors and begin roasting the chile peppers Friday afternoon.

 Other highlights of the weekend will include special chile-inspired menu items and drinks that will blend southern and southwestern cuisine; packaged chiles to go; giveaways and door prizes; a mariachi band; and beer specials from participating brewers Terrapin, Heavy Seas and Bell’s.

Terrapin is also considering brewing a special green chile beer with some of The Square Pub’s chiles.

The Square Pub is at 115 Sycamore St . For information, call 404-844-4010 or visit the pub's website


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