The Laughing Pit Bull

Brawny, beautiful and left behind - Logan the pit bull mix was tied outdoors and abandoned. LifeLine Animal Project rescued him.

The first thing you notice about Logan is his impressive, stand-up ears. It's impossible not to notice those ears.

"I call him 'Batman dog' because of his ears," smiles Shannon Dunagan, receptionist at LifeLine's Spay & Neuter clinic in Avondale Estates.

The second thing you notice is Logan's wide doggy grin that looks for all the world like he's laughing.

His past is no laughing matter, however. He was tied outside and abandoned by his owners, left behind to a fate that almost certainly would mean an early death at an overcrowded county shelter.

Logan's luck changed when LifeLine Animal Project took the healthy almost 2 - year old dog into their no-kill Dog House and that's where he has lived since being cast aside by his owners.

Logan is probably a mix of American Staffordshire Terrier and Bull Terrier (the "Spuds McKenzie" dog of 1980s commercial fame) and he's got a good-natured disposition and is very energetic. He likes female dogs and loves to interact with people.

LifeLine staff reports that he's a good on leash walks, which he adores taking with rescuers and volunteers who come to the shelter daily.

He's very focused and attentive and even puppy-like silly at times. Before long you will find yourself smiling back at this smiling dog as if you were exchanging happy looks with another human.

Logan would be a natural best friend for someone who liked to take walks, be outdoors, hike or play in the yard and who has experience handling powerful dogs, because he's very solid and strong.

He's neutered and is current on all of his vaccinations.

To learn more about Logan, view his page on LifeLine's "Adoptable Pets" database or contact: adoptions@lifelineanimal.org .


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