The Happy Hound

Major is a homeless hound with a heart of gold, one misshapen ear and a love for people and other dogs.

The Humane Society of the United States reports that 6-8 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters each year.

Meet Major. He's one of those millions of homeless pets but you'd never know it by his attitude.

Major is a 5-year-old hound mix who was rescued by LifeLine Animal Project. He's a favorite among their staff and volunteer dog walkers because of his lively and loving personality.

"He's a lovable goofball," said Debbie Setzer, LifeLine's community outreach director. "He's great with other dogs and he's a lot of fun."

He was rescued a few years ago with a large group of rural dogs and he's been at LifeLine's Dog House in their no-kill shelter ever since.

Major sees the world through a hound's nose and rose-colored glasses. He will sniff his way down the street when taken for a walk and considers everyone he meets an immediate friend. His tail seldom stops wagging when people are around.

Part of one of his ears is missing and no one seems to know the story behind that, but the defect doesn't slow him down in any way. Whatever the joke is, this happy hound appears to be in on it.

He's handsome, house-trained, healthy and has had all of his shots. At 5 years old, Major is old enough to be past any destructive puppy behavior and young enough to be an active companion for many years to come.

"There's no reason for him to be in a shelter," said Rebecca Guinn, LifeLine's executive director. "He would be great in someone's home."

Part of the beauty of adopting a shelter pet is that when you do, you are actually saving not one but two animals -- the one you adopt and another one who is able to be saved when that space in the shelter is freed up.

The Pet Food Institute reports that about 85 million cats and about 75 million dogs have homes and owners in this country. Major would like to be in that number.

To inquire about owning Major, or adopting any dog in LifeLine’s Dog House, contact: adoptions@AtlantaPets.org.


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