Star Bucks The Odds

Star the sweet street cat is safe in LifeLine's no-kill Kitty Motel, but she's been there for years, waiting for a place to call home.

Most cats who live on the streets don't live a full life span.

Many rescued cats in shelters don't enjoy a full life span either. They are at risk for getting sick (imagine yourself living in a crowded animal shelter) and in many county-run shelters, they can be euthanized if not adopted fairly quickly.

Star the street cat has defied the odds nicely so far.

 She survived living on the streets of Kirkwood until she was saved by LifeLine Animal Project and for the last few years she has lived with other rescued cats in LifeLine's cage-free, no-kill Kitty Motel. She has food, medical care and the company of other felines. What she doesn't have is a home of her own.

When LifeLine staff and board state they are "no-kill" they mean precisely that. Any pet rescued by the Avondale Estates non-profit is taken care of, in their shelter or a foster home, until they are adopted or until they live out their natural life span. Even rescued animals who are ill, abused or in need of treatment receive the help they need to get well again.

It's not easy and it's expensive, but LifeLine has committed to being no-kill since their inception a decade ago.

When a pet is adopted from a no-kill facility, their spot is freed up for another pet to be rescued and have a chance at a new and better life.

Star has lived at LifeLine for almost five years. At first she was very shy and timid but with time and attention has blossomed into a quite friendly cat, one who likes people and dearly loves having regular meals.

"She loves food and from the minute she was rescued she was thrilled with having meals on a daily basis," said Mickie Blair, LifeLine's cat rehabilitation counselor.

At LifeLine, Star is "halfway home". She's safe and well taken care of, but she doesn't have an owner or a loving family to share life with. She doesn't have a lap to snooze on. She doesn't someone to stroke her ears at night after work, hang out on the couch with, or a house to run around and play in.

"She gets along with the other cats and although she will check you out at first and hang back a little bit, she's really good with people," continued Blair. "Star is a very nice kitty. She just wants to go home."

If you have a home that you would like to share with pretty Star, please contact mblair@lifelineanimal.org

Star is healthy, well adjusted and her vaccinations are all up to date.

Decaturette August 06, 2012 at 04:51 PM
Lifeline is a wonderful, caring facility!


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