Pup Thrown From Car Window Survives

Two visitors to Atlanta witnessed an apparent domestic dispute between a couple in an automobile. Suddenly someone threw a puppy out of the window of that car, tossing the helpless dog right into traffic.

Puppies can be surprisingly forgiving creatures and Tiramisu is no exception.

The stocky brown mixed-breed pup is so happy to meet people -- any person -- that she's all wagging tail and panting tongue when a stranger comes into view.

She's curious about the world around her and closely inspects everything that she comes across, from flower pots to sneakers. Any new toy is cause for great and energetic excitement.

You would never know this friendly, playful pup almost lost her young life before it had really begun when she was unceremoniously thrown out the window of her owner's car on Memorial Drive a little over a week ago.

The entire story isn't clear but some of the known details are chilling.

Two women visiting friends in the Atlanta area witnessed what appeared to be a domestic dispute or argument of some kind between a man and woman in the car in front of them while stopped at a traffic light on Memorial Drive.

They couldn't tell what the couple was fighting about, just that the argument was a heated one.

When the light turned green the car with the arguing couple pulled away, but not before someone in the automobile -- it's unclear whether it was the man or woman -- suddenly threw a bundle of brown fur out the window and into the road.

That bundle of brown fur was a 4-month-old female puppy. 

The two women who witnessed the incident were stunned and immediately stopped their car and grabbed the pup off the street, pulling her to safety.

The puppy was shaken up but appeared unharmed. Still, they couldn't tell if she was completely unhurt.

Unfamiliar with Atlanta, unsure of what to do next and since the car with the couple was long gone, they called the friend they had been visiting.

Their friend had previously gotten her cat fixed at LifeLine Animal Project's Spay & Neuter Clinic. She was aware of the advocacy group's no-kill shelter and community resources for animals in need. Figuring LifeLine might be able to help or steer them toward someone who could, she sent her friends and the now rescued puppy to the Avondale Estates non-profit.

LifeLine doesn't normally accept cats and dogs from the public, instead working with county shelters and rescue groups to pull animals in danger of being euthanized out of harm's way.

Although the Dog House at LifeLine was full (and, like most rescues, stays full most of the time), their staff veterinarian immediately inspected the puppy for injuries.

Miraculously, except for being in shock, she was fine. 

LifeLine took the youngster in, finding a cage for her in one of their recovery rooms.

Now named Tiramisu, because she's the color of coffee and so sweet, the young puppy is thriving.

"She's very well socialized and well behaved, just an awesome puppy," says Mickie Blair, LifeLine's field coordinator "She's also very playful and agile and loves to throw her toys in the air and catch them.

"It appears Tira could have been the victim of domestic violence," Blair continued. "This is more common than people think. Pets will often take the brunt of a bad fight between couples."

Ahimsa House, another Avondale area non-profit, has made it their mission to help animals and humans who are victims of violence in an unstable household.

"Up to 71 percent of victims of domestic violence report that their pets were also abused," said Maya Gupta, Ahimsa's executive director. "We know that when there is violence in a family that everyone in that family is affected, whether they are two-legged or four-legged."

Both Ahimsa House and LifeLine Animal Project are organizations that are given some support from Avondale's Second Life Upscale Resale, a store that was started by pet lovers and animal advocates Toby and Tanya Tobias.

Both LifeLine and Ahmisa House were created to help pets and people in the community. Second Life was created to support local rescues and strengthen resources for animals in the area.

Because organizations like these exist, dogs like Tiramisu can be saved and get the help they need.

However, Tira's happy ending isn't complete without a new beginning.

That new beginning will come when she's adopted into a safe and loving home.

If you would like to know more about Tiramisu or would like to adopt her, please contact adoptions@lifelineanimal.org .

Jonathan Belcher March 19, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Lifeline is awesome. Great folks here in Avondale.
john penn March 19, 2012 at 08:33 PM
I can't take too many stories like this.
Feed A Fur Friend March 19, 2012 at 09:04 PM
LOVE this story. Thank you Lifeline and Ahimsa House too for all u do. Best wishes to Tiramisu. Let's all share her story and help her find a home.
Lisa Carson March 19, 2012 at 09:04 PM
Would like more info on Tiramasu as she is precious! Has she been adopted yet? Lisa
Sandy Tobias March 20, 2012 at 01:29 AM
Thanks to Second Life both of these organizations have more operating funds to be able to help dogs like Tiramasu.. If you haven't shopped there yet you are missing a great venture plus bargains galore. Remember shopping there helps the animals.


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