Pets and Peeps: Squash Blossom Bulldog

Meet Puma, the French bulldog at the clothing store on the Decatur Square.

1. The people: Santi Deshnad, manager of Squash Blossom, a clothing store on the Decatur Square.

2. Pet's name, nicknames, breed and age: Puma, also knowns as Poom Poom in the Boom Boom, Pumello, Pumasan and Pumello-Poochello-Puquello. French bulldog. Seven years old. 

3. How I met my pet: A friend had a relative that bred them in Hungary, they knew I was looking for a black Frenchie, got a call one day that a little batch was born, and they flew him over from Budapest.  I picked him up at the airport, he was only six weeks old. He came running up to the front of the cage at the airport and started to play with me instantly.

4. I love it when my pet does this: He'll walk up to you and immediately throw his butt in the air and flop his head down on the carpet to smoogle with you (smoogle is our term of dog snuggle).

5. I wish my pet would stop doing this: Getting overly excited and projectile throwing up because he never chews his food.

6. What my pet eats: Hills Prescription Diet, but on his birthday he gets a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal.

7. What people say about my pet: Where is his tail? His head is so big.

8. How my pet has enriched my life: He is my best friend, my little ace. I have a partner at home that I can come home to. He is my emotional connection and gives me unconditional love. He is a little social butterfly, so I meet a lot of new people when I'm with him.

9. If my pet could talk, he would say: "HEY YOU ... come scratch my butt."

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