From Egypt to Avondale -- Two-Legged Dog And Friends Need Homes

If you're interested, you can meet these three dogs Saturday at Second Life Upscale Resale in Avondale Estates.

A two-legged dog and his two buddies came all the way from Egypt to Georgia to find a new home.

Tanya Mahrous, the president and co-founder of , a thrift shop in Avondale Estate, visited Egypt recently and returned with three dogs.

Mazloom is the attention-getter. He only has his two front legs, yet manages to get around easily, as you can see from the attached video.

Mahrous, who is half Egyptian, said Egypt only has a handful of animal rescue organizations. On her most recent trip, she visited the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals) animal shelter and describes what happened in an email:

As we toured the facility, I asked the shelter manager if there were any animals that needed extra help or weren’t doing well.  

The first one he mentioned was Riley, a gorgeous German Shorthair Pointer who was not doing well in the shelter environment.  He is the biggest couch potato so this explains his sadness in the shelter. Mission No. 1 began.

The next dog was Mazloom, a two-legged dog wonder who sprinted by me in their clinic.  I knew a special needs dog like him had little chance in Egypt.  Mission No. 2 began. 

At the 11th hour, we were asked to take Muzo, a 4-month old puppy who was Mazloom’s best buddy.  The shelter didn’t want to split them up.  So we agreed.

After a 24-hour day of traveling, all three pups made it safely to Atlanta.  All three dogs are now at our house and we are looking for a special foster or adoptive home for Mazloom & Muzo. 

All dogs are up for adoption, and looking for a final chapter in their journey from the land of the Pharaohs to the land of the peaches.  Now, on to Mission 3 – figuring out how to save even more!

If you want to meet or adopt any of these dogs, visit Second Life at 1 N. Clarendon Ave. in Avondale Estates on Saturday. Proceeds from the shop benefit LifeLine Animal Project, a rescue group.

M. Elizabeth Wilson March 22, 2012 at 12:16 PM
Great story! Do go by on Saturday and meeting these wonderful guys!
Gina Hill March 22, 2012 at 12:29 PM
Very inspiring. Thank you Second Life for all your efforts!
Lynn Herron March 22, 2012 at 01:17 PM
This is just more proof of what wonderful people Tanya and Tobi are and how they are commited to helping animals personally and through Second Life Atlanta. Mazloom has a special mission here I am sure and I believe she could be a wonderful therapy dog for disabled children. Mazloom would not have been happy without his best friend and constant companion Muzo so Tanya and Tobi found a way to bring him back too. These are great folks doing great work and if you have not shopped at Second Life Atlanta in Avondale Estates....Please visit them soon and shop to help local animals have a chance at a new life:) Tonya and Tobi...YOU ROCK!!!!


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