Blossom The Cat Hopes Spring Will Bring A New Home

One of 40 cats saved from an animal hoarding situation, playful Blossom is now itching to go from a rescue to a residence.

This spring, Blossom is hoping that someone with a kind heart will spring her from the Kitty Motel at LifeLine Animal Project.

She is safe at the Avondale no-kill rescue. She recieves healthy food and daily care and attention from volunteers and staff. Yet some days Blossom will sit and paw at the window of LifeLine's Kitty Motel.

"She really wants a home," says Mickie Blair, LifeLine's field coordinator who oversees almost everything concerning the cats at the shelter.

Blossom is 3 years old and has a lovely black and white pattern on her longish fur.

"People are always commenting on how pretty she is," Blair continues "and she's so playful and sweet, but she's also very much a typical cat in that you can tell when she's not happy. She's independent. She doesn't want to live in the Kitty Motel. She wants to go home with someone and be their pet."

Blossom and her brother Bud were both rescued from the home of an animal hoader who had died. The house was filled with 40 cats, none of whom were spayed or neutered. There were kittens everywhere.

"Not a good situation," states Blair.

Blossom stuck close to her brother Bud when they were rescued. They kept each other company. Bud later died of a respiratory illness and Blossom has been looking for another buddy ever since.

If you want to be Blossom's buddy and bring her home with you, please contact mblair@lifelineanimal.org


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