A Tale of Two Kitties

Apricot and Kiwi are a duo who started out as drain kittens but have grown into a pretty pair of house cats. All they need now is a house.

Throughout the ages the domestic cat has appeared in and inspired many great works of art. Renoir, Picasso, Matisse, Franz Marc and even Andy Warhol all famously painted cats in various states of action or repose.

 Apricot and Kiwi, two homeless cats saved by LifeLine Animal Project in Avondale Estates, look like the sort of felines you see in fine art. They are stunning sister cats in muted shades of grey and white with vivid copper-colored eyes.  One has long hair, one has short hair.  Their natural feline grace seems amplified by their unusual coloring.

 Their rescue story started when they were five weeks old and in serious danger. A stray mother cat had hidden her litter of kittens in a storm drain but she was no where around when the weather started to turn. The kittens had to be moved or they would drown.

 The twosome were part of what field coordinator Mickie Blair called “the fruit basket” of cats Lifeline saved from one particular apartment complex and surrounding area.

 Mango lost a leg but gained a home, Nanner (Banana) got adopted and Peach, sadly, didn’t survive. Apricot and Kiwi are the only two still living at LifeLine.

 They are a year and a half old and come as a pair.

“They must go to a new home together,” said Blair, who also serves as cat adoption counselor at LifeLine.

 “They play together, they sleep together, they are bonded,” she smiles.

 Apricot and Kiwi were adopted out once and it surprised LifeLine staff when the well-behaved pair was returned after six months. The young couple who had adopted them had employment difficulties then decided to have a baby and no longer wanted to care for the kittens.

The close bond the sisters share is evident in the way they clean each other’s ears and at times will somehow squish both their bodies into a cardboard box that can barely fit one cat. There they will nap, wrapped around each other.

 They love the company of other cats. How they get along with dogs is not known, because they have not lived in a home with any.

 Apricot and Kiwi have both been fully “vetted” and are up-to-date on all their shots. They are healthy, curious, affectionate young adult cats. If there is a lap available, one of them will climb into it and start purring.

If your lap is empty and you have love and a home to share with two beautiful cats, contact LifeLine about Kiwi and Apricot at adoptions@atlantapets.org.

 If you have questions about any of LifeLine’s many adoptable cats or kittens or what kind of cat would be best for your home, contact mblair@atlantapets.org.


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