A Place For Miss Pretzel

Let's get this straight: Pretzel the pit bull enjoys people, other dogs, cats, watching TV, riding in cars and even taking baths.

Miss Pretzel came to LifeLine Animal Project's no-kill Dog House in Avondale Estates straight from the streets of Lithonia, where she was literally going door to door looking for something to eat.

Dodging traffic and other dangers of life on the street, she was tired and hungry, both for food and affection.

She likely had a home at one time but her owners could not be located. Like thousands of dogs and cats around the state, she was probably dumped or abandoned, left to live by her wits or die alone.

LifeLine staff immediately decided that wasn't how the story was going to end for Pretzel, a sturdy young adult pit bull terrier with an excellent temperament. They decided she was too sweet and too smart to give over to tragic circumstances.

"Honestly, she's fantastic in a home environment," say Rod Terrel, a member of LifeLine's staff who has hosted Pretzel in his home in order to assess her readiness for adoption.

"She's laid back and gets along great with our two poodles," he continues, "They play with each other and then they lay around and chill. Then they play some more and then chill some more."

Miss Pretzel loves the times when she gets to go home with Terrel.

She's less happy in the shelter, where, like most shelters that house a large number of pets, it can get noisy and activity is almost non-stop.

Just like people, different pets have different temperaments and personalities. No matter how good a shelter is, it can still be too stimulating or stressful for some dogs. Miss Pretzel is one of those dogs.

Terrel reports that Miss Pretzel readily jumps in the car for rides, loves to take long walks and even enjoys bath time.

He also reports that she's a first-rate cuddler, especially in front of the TV.

Miss Pretzel is perfectly home-ready, has had all her shots and is leash trained, house trained and crate trained.

If you think this sweet Pretzel is a fit for your household, take her home and watch her thrive.

You can learn more by contacting: adoptions@LifeLineAnimal.org

There is never an adoption fee at LifeLine for veterans of military service.


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