Bad Weather Computing

Alan Thornton
Alan Thornton
Was your power be out for any length of time this week? Have you or your kids been stuck at home when that happened? Well, I can't help with the heating situation if that occurs but I do have a couple of thoughts about internet and computing needs when the weather is bad and the power is off and on. 

First, you don't want to be caught by a power spike if your electricity goes off and on several times. A battery backup is a good way to prevent having your electronics damaged during bad weather. It can also help to keep your internet equipment running longer or to recharge your phone.

I'll be happy to add a cold weather preparedness check to your computer check up if you're concerned about any of this. Working from home is a nice luxury on the back porch in the Summer but if it's really important to get things done in the dead of Winter it can be a necessity.

Alan Thornton
Decatur Computer Help


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